Iqos Heets Accessories is available. Cash on delivery in Dubai-UAE
IQOS is a brand of heated tobacco products (HTPs) developed by Philip Morris International. Which produces fewer harmful chemicals compared to traditional cigarette smoking. Some common IQOS accessories include:
IQOS Charger: This is the main charging device for the IQOS holder and pocket charger. It allows you to charge the holder and the charger simultaneously.
IQOS Holder: This is the device that heats the tobacco stick. It can be given into the pocket charger for charging and carrying purposes.
IQOS Pocket Charger: A portable charger for the IQOS holder, allowing you to charge the holder while on the go. It typically has enough capacity to charge. The holder many times before needing a recharge itself.
IQOS Cleaning Tools: These tools are designed to help clean the IQOS holder. Other parts of the device to maintain optimal performance and hygiene.
IQOS Cap: A protective cap for the IQOS holder, which helps keep the holder clean and protects it when not in use.
IQOS Car Mount: A holder designed to attach to a car’s air vent, providing a convenient and secure place to store your IQOS device while driving.
Car Charger: A car charger designed to charge your IQOS device while on the road.
Accessory Tray: A tray or stand to keep all your IQOS accessories organized and in one place.
IQOS Lanyard/Holder Clip: A wearable accessory that allows you to carry your IQOS device. This device is around your neck or clipped to your clothing for easy access.

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