Hitaste Heat Not Burn Device/Kit. Cash on Delivery. HITASTE E20 , R10, Hi 10, Hi 30, TQS

Hitaste is a brand that produces heat-not-burn (HNB) devices, which are electronic devices designed to heat tobacco or other substances to a temperature that releases nicotine and flavor without causing combustion. HNB devices typically work by heating specially designed tobacco sticks, similar to how IQOS heats HEETS sticks.

The fundamental idea behind HNB devices like Hitaste is to provide a less harmful alternative to traditional smoking by avoiding the combustion of tobacco, which produces many harmful chemicals found in cigarette smoke.

Several well-known brands produce HNB devices, including:

  1. IQOS by Philip Morris International: One of the most widely recognized HNB systems, heating tobacco sticks known as HEETS.
  2. Glo by British American Tobacco (BAT): A device that heats specially designed tobacco sticks.
  3. Ploom TECH by Japan Tobacco International (JTI): An HNB device that uses tobacco capsules known as “MEVIUS.”
  4. LIL by Korea Tobacco & Ginseng Corporation (KT&G): Another popular HNB device that heats tobacco sticks.

Hitaste Heat Not Burn Device.

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